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How Do You Take Care Of Your Emotional Health?

  Take a moment to list all the things you associate with being happy. Now compare them to someone else's list. You will most probably find that while some are similar, others are unique to you. What makes me happy, you may well be indifferent to; this is the problem of applying a one-size-fits-all to psychological wellbeing. Think of wellbeing as being at ease given the current circumstances alongside a view to the future. Our circumstances change our feelings of contentment associated with that change. Our emotions and reactions unfixed; they interact with each other. It is entirely possible to feel content with one aspect of our lives without having an overall positive effect on everything we do. If we think of wellbeing as a fixed state, we are likely to become frustrated when we reach obstacles. Our goals and desires for the future form part of what makes us feel a strong sense of wellbeing; we have a sense of purpose and feel that something is happening. It gives us a sense o

Hypnosis Explained

    If you are hoping to read that Hypnosis is a magical, mystical, controlling power that can make people behave in ways they choose not to, then you are certainly going to be disappointed. Any assumption that a person is asleep or unconscious is also not the case.  So have you ever experienced Hypnosis? Think back over the last 24 hours…. When you woke up this morning, do you remember that half-awake half-asleep feeling? On that commute to work, perhaps you drifted into auto-pilot and as you were driving along? Perhaps your mind drifted to the things you had to do.  You could be forgiven for thinking that you were daydreaming. Tonight, just as you drift off to sleep you are very likely to experience that same half-awake half-asleep feeling. Every one of those experiences could be given the name Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural state we all experience many times throughout the day. It is as much part of our lives as breathing. The idea of being under the control of another or being un