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Explaining Hypnoanalysis

  A type of Hypnotherapy that deals with the cause of anxiety and emotional problems rather than simply treating the symptoms Whenever people come to see me, with nervous twitches, stutters, depressions, anxieties, inferiority complexes, sexual problems, phobias and the like, I am never quite sure what treatment they expect, but I do know that the treatment they get is not what they expected. I think many people have a vague idea that the Hypnosis part of the therapy will be all-important and that they will somehow be induced into a trance like state where it will be put into their mind that they will…talk without a stutter…no longer be depressed…no longer be afraid of enclosed spaces…e.t.c. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  Far from putting something in your mind, in fact, something is released from your mind, the subconscious something which had been at the root cause of the problem.  Now, I know you have probably seen stage shows, or heard of people who have had som