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Five Ways to Boost and Maintain Your Resilience During Lockdown

  It’s another lockdown and psychological resilience is going to be particularly important. At times like these, we can feel overwhelmed, largely because things feel out of our control, but there are a few things you can do to take control of how you respond to the changing circumstances. Make a plan - Take charge with Problem Focused Coping Having a plan is something that psychologically puts our feet on the ground and gives us a sense of control. Plan small things as well as big things. Ask yourself what you need to right now, what is the most important thing you need to focus on right now? It may be something big like sorting out your finances, organising work, or how you are going to juggle online schooling as well as that zoom meeting. These are important… but remember they cannot be perfect! This is not a perfect situation, so the way you respond to it is unlikely to be perfect too. Like everyone else you make the best of the situation and do what you can. Plan some smaller thing

Five Tips For Changing Unwanted Behaviour

  Let’s dust ourselves down from 2020 and think about how we can make some subtle changes to our behaviour to create and maintain some positivity in our lives. Changing an unwanted behaviour or habit requires a persistent and consistent approach. It is a marathon rather than a sprint, and we expect the journey to be a bit rocky, but we hold on to the belief that it is going to happen. There are a few techniques to help you remain consistent in your approach. They are not a ‘silver bullet’ but, they help us keep our mind focused on our goals. I am, of course, only talking about minor problems and the sort of annoying behaviours that are not life restricting but are nevertheless something you would like to ‘nip in the bud’. So here goes… Delaying Technique  Many people refer to automatically indulging in habitual behaviour. They describe it as if a part of themselves takes over and they have little control over it. While we know that this is not the case, and they are fully capable of ma