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Empirical Expectation: The Key To Behaviour Change

While there are many things a workplace can do to promote emotional wellbeing and productivity, we have to deal with the personal side too. We can work in the most supportive environment possible but our well-being would still be affected by what is going on in our personal lives. Aim to make both aspects of our day to day experience more emotionally healthy and you are pre-armed to deal with stresses far better. Putting our stresses and emotions in context is very important. Left unchecked we can get caught in a situation where we catastrophise the situation and it appears much more difficult to deal with. Ask yourself what would you expect to feel from the current circumstances. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to feel under pressure right now? Is this pressure likely to continue indefinitely? Is that helpful to be worrying about that particular thing right now? Does it need dealing with… right now? An example:  You have an important meeting with a client at work but you are stuck in traffi