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Fears and Phobias: Misinterpretations and Misunderstandings

  A phobia is a pathological fear of something or a situation. A Phobiais more than a dislike for something, it is an uncontrollable fear. The person who suffers from panic attacks is all too aware of the problem. They know what that all-consuming fear is like, but of course, the phobic sufferer is experiencing that most strongly in the presence of the triggering situation. Take a look at a working description of the anxiety attack: The heart is beating significantly faster than we are used to. There is a shortness of breath, as though we fighting for air; which can be accompanied by a tightening of the chest. An increase in sweating will commonly accompany a desire to remove themselves from the current environment. At times that desire is not successfully achieved as the individual will feel rooted to the spot. The observer will note that the behaviour shows all the hallmarks of a person in intense danger. The individual who is in the presence of their phobic stimulus will be experien