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Stop Smoking Easily - Preparing Your Mind

  Preparing Yourself For Your  Stop Smoking Session Times have changed, but as a Hypnotherapist, I used to be asked: What's your success rate at stopping people smoking?  Several years ago I surveyed all the people who had consulted me to stop smoking over twelve months and had gone on to take part in the treatment session itself. The results indicated that a little over 98% of people were now natural non-smoker. Those who didn't stop smoking admitted that their heart had not been in it. The results confirm common sense, correct? A person cannot be compelled to do anything they do not want to do, and that taking part in any treatment designed to help them is not a passive process. The benefits from the treatment are as much to do with the person wanting to change their behaviour as any therapist, support worker or well-meaning friend. Stopping smoking is one of the behaviours a person can change with ease when they are in the right frame of mind. I know that sounds like a sales