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A few positive things from what has been a strange year...

  Had enough of 2020? I don’t blame you! It’s been a strange year, but I have taken stock of some of the positive things to take into 2021… Resilience Since the end of the first lockdown, I have been helping people manage the stresses which are a bi-product of the pandemic. I have continued to help people overcome anxieties which have been resurrected or made worse by the worries of COVID-19. Whatever the outcome, it has been clear that we have a great deal of resilience. The clients I have worked with have shown grit and determination to challenge their worries, face and resolve their anxieties when it would have been understandable to run and hide. We all have resilience, but understanding that it will fluctuate with the circumstances we find ourselves in is the key. Will power is the act of keeping going despite the obstacles faced, and the same is true for resilience. The key is always to keep going, resolving obstacles by asking for help when needed or changing direction. My clien

Festive Stress and Hypnotherapy

  Almost time for Christmas and this year, for many, it can’t come quick enough. Managing the online shopping and working out who is in the support bubble as well as how many can we celebrate with all add to the stress. After the stresses of 2020, we can speculate as to what next year will bring. While Christmas is a time to celebrate, the preparation and everything that goes with it can become stresses in itself. Psychologists acknowledge the effect that life changes have on people and their well being. I’m sure that we can all understand the stress someone feels at being made redundant or the breakdown of a relationship, these are as the title suggests: life changes. These big changes to our usual status quo. What about those day to day stresses? Those things interrupt our routine? Forgetting something, the traffic jam making you late to that important appointment, the argument you had with someone, all act as irritants to the smooth running of our lives. Of course on their own, they