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KickStart Coaching with Hypnosis

What is the purpose of Coaching? There are times when we find it difficult to ‘see the wood from the trees’. The problem with being IN a situation it is often difficult to see where you need to go next, or what is stopping you doing what you know you need to do. Coaching - like an ‘external you’ - helps you assess the whole situation and quite often can highlight the obstacles which have been getting in the way of you being more motivated, happier, productive or successful. Coaching is a process of helping a person formulate and act upon a plan to be the person you want to be. Like a sports coach, a psychology coach is someone who will assess what you are doing and help you to challenge things that stop you progressing. Imagine what you changes you could make to your life if you had the skills and psychological coaching. Like sports coaching, professional coaching helps you improve your psychological performance in the game…the game of life The Psychological Wish List If you stopped

Stress: The Impact of Life Changes and Daily Hassles

It’s unsurprising that negative life changes cause stress, however research has acknowledged that even positive life changes produce stress. Why? Any life change requires extra mental effort. A life change needs extra processing of emotions (positive or negative) as well as adjusting to new beginnings. It is the change that is most important. The change requires extra mental effort as we adjust, and that’s what causes the stress. It is largely agreed that any event that was unexpected, unpredictable and uncontrollable has the potential to be stressful in an unhelpful way. The impact of COVID19 lockdown applies here easily. The lockdown was largely unexpected and unpredictable added to the fact that, in our lifetime, we have not experienced anything like this pandemic.  It feels uncontrollable and so we manage the stress by gaining control through seeking out information and following guidance. We take part in charity events online or help our friends and relatives with shopping and