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What Did I Come In Here For? The Brain Fog Of Lockdown

  Did you find it hard to concentrate on anything during the lockdown? Perhaps you found your memory was worse, what has commonly been called brain fog? How many times have you felt exhausted after a day of online meetings? You were not alone. The good news is that as we come out of the restrictions we are likely to find the fog will clear, but researchers are interested in why this happened. I read an interesting article in the Guardian today, that explored some of the work that has been going on studying the behavioural and cognitive effects of a restricted lifestyle during the lockdown, and I wanted to share some of the points as a way of reassuring ourselves that it appears to be a normal psychological response. A Normal Response to Abnormal Circumstances Psychologists agree that cognitive impairment is an expected response to trauma. We remind ourselves that trauma is as much the change to our everyday routine as being directly affected by the pandemic itself. We remember that o